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Meet Miranda

A decade ago I would have never guessed I’d now be helping others reclaim their lives and authentic selves.


In 2010, less than two years after graduating college, I burned out in my first career as a copywriter working in advertising agencies.

For the next five years, I went to therapy. Though I learned the basics of identifying and sitting with my feelings, I remained unaware of the trauma I carried from growing up in a dysfunctional broken home.


During this time I also started my second career in professional organizing. There was a huge gap between who I wanted to be and the life I wanted to have, and the way things were.


I believed the perfect time management system and “beating procrastination” was most of the answer. For years, I researched and tried everything. I focused my professional development education on productivity, which was often connected to working with ADHD clients.


Though I’d been diagnosed with ADHD in first grade, I didn’t believe I “really had” it. Yet I noticed a lot of what I was learning worked well for me. In 2015, I started specializing in chronic disorganization and productivity.


I also got married and moved in 2015, which was the first push to step into my power as a self-healer.


I learned how to manage my inner critic and change unwanted patterns in my life by creating my own methodology that combines mindset + parts work. Over time, I deepened my ability to become un-overwhelmed, change existing habits, and prioritize with more inner peace.

New motherhood and moving again brought new opportunities for growth. I got more clear on my core life desires and values. This led me to learning about childhood trauma and reprocessing it with a new trauma-informed therapist.


That education and healing work was beyond a paradigm shift for me.


This also helped me finally see how ADHD had been affecting me. I felt a call to work with people who were ready to make deep, lasting change that honored their authentic selves.

I pivoted away from seeing organizing clients in person to trauma-informed coaching for fellow childhood trauma survivors who also have, or relate to, the challenges of ADHD.

When I’m not working, you can find me playing board games, making music and dancing with my daughter and husband, and having fun outdoors in Madison, Wisconsin.

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