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Presentations & Workshops

If you’re looking for a dynamic speaker to help your team, conference, or students become happier and more productive, I can deliver a simple presentation, half-day interactive workshop, or something in between.


Though I am based in Madison, Wisconsin, I’m available to speak locally, digitally over Zoom or a similar service, or by traveling to your area.

Are You Looking For:


A presentation that combines education with entertainment for your group of employees, students, or conference attendees


Clear, simple, and actionable steps to help people improve their productivity, communication, and/or organization


Your event attendees to feel inspired and empowered to make change


Professional development that can provide continuing education units


Customization options for an interactive workshop or a basic presentation that can fit your needs and budget


An experienced, professional speaker who brings charisma, humor, and heart to every speaking engagement

Miranda Wise, CPO®

My professional speaking career began in 2016 when I started delivering paid presentations and workshops about organizing and productivity as part of my professional organizing business, Wisely Organized.


A few fun facts about my history as a performer & speaker:


For many years of my childhood, I attended theatre camp in the summer, was in the theatre program at school, and spent time in a theatre extracurricular program outside of school.


I continued acting in college and afterwards when I lived in the SF Bay Area. During that time I also wrote stand up and performed parody songs I wrote, which helped me land a freelance copywriting job at Goodby, Silverstein, and Partners.


As a young adult, I received advocacy training for public speaking and participated in multiple panels sharing my experience growing up in West Texas with a gay father in the 90’s.


I earned the Competent Communicator certificate from Toastmasters International shortly before giving birth to my daughter.


Presentation Clip

Here is a clip of me (several months pregnant!) delivering one of my signature workshops called, "Making and Breaking Habits" at Texas Tech University.


Certified Professional Organizer®

The letters “CPO” appear after my name because I earned the Certified Professional Organizer® credential through the Board of Certification for Professional Organizers.


Certified Trauma Informed Coach

I am certified as a Trauma Informed Coach through a program provided by Moving The Human Spirit. It is the only trauma informed coaching training accredited by the International Coaching Federation.

Speaking Topics

Close up of microphone

My presentation will be tailored to the needs of your audience and event. Many organizations find they get the most fitting content when they survey the group about their specific challenges regarding:


  • Time Management

  • Procrastination

  • Delegation

  • Task and Project Management

  • Over-Scheduling and Saying “No”

  • Dealing with Interruptions

  • Email Management

  • Prioritization​

  • ADHD-Friendly Solutions

  • Creating a Trauma-Informed Environment

  • Managing Overwhelm

  • Work/Life Balance

  • Time Estimating

  • Making & Breaking Habits

  • Communicating Needs, Boundaries, and Requests

  • Information Organizing (paper, digital files, etc.)

  • Organizing Your Space

  • Cultivating Your Network For Business

Tell me what you’re looking for!

Speaking Testimonials

“The presentation was a home run! We appreciate your insights.”

Michelle Friedman, Director of Marketing

Dewitt, LLP


“This was great! It exceeded my expectations."

Timothy L. Stewart, President and Managing Parnter

DeWitt, LLP


  • Can you come over to my space and organize my things?
    I no longer offer hands-on, in-person organizing. My mission as an organizer is to teach the skills needed to get organized now, maintain that organization over time, and be able to more easily tackle any future tangible (physical items & space) and intangible (information, thoughts, tasks, projects, etc.) organizing projects that come up. This is accomplished more effectively and for less money by learning the skills I teach through virtual organizing. The organizing skills I teach can serve you the rest of your life, and are applicable to many other things.
  • How do I know that working with you will get me to where I want to be?
    Results are most likely for you if you’re committed to investing the necessary time, money, and energy into your transformation. The best way to figure out if this program is right for you is to fill out the application and then book a no-obligation, free discovery Zoom call.
  • How can I get other questions about virtual organizing answered?
    After you fill out an application, I will be in touch about scheduling a no-cost, no-obligation discovery call via Zoom where you can ask all of your questions. The call also gives you the chance to get a feel for what talking to me is like, so you can further determine if working with me would be a good fit for you.

I'd love help your group become happier and more productive.

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