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Hi there,
I'm Miranda.

My mission is to support fellow ADHD childhood trauma survivors through trauma-informed coaching and organizing education so they can cultivate self compassion and turn overwhelming internal & external chaos into clarity, order, and peace.

Life Reclamation Coaching

Organizing is the art of creating systems so you can get to what really matters with ease. But how do you confidently choose what really matters most? In my experience, gaining more clarity and peace around your authentic self is key. That's why I want to help you make a home inside yourself, so you can reclaim all aspects of your life by centering it around your true values and priorities.

I’m an energetic, creative yet highly organized, Life Reclamation Coach here to help you make sense of and transform your inner and outer chaos.


I blend my personal and professional experience as a Certified Professional Organizer® and Certified Trauma-Informed Coach in my signature programs to help you discover more about the parts of yourself, develop systems that work for you, and move away from shame and towards self love.

Image by Will Wilson


Holding space & asking  questions to help you gain clarity to move forward.



Teaching you to create more order in your work and living spaces.



Engaging presentations & workshops for group professional development.


I struggled with receiving help. Since our sessions, I realized I could reach out for help for myself and I now accept help when people offer it to me. It makes my life so much easier. I don’t need to do everything by myself. 


When we started, I felt heavy, and at the end I felt motivated and empowered with steps to go forward with. I was inspired to reflect on how to make life easier for me. Miranda wasn’t scared by the big topics I brought up and helped me through questions realize some deep values that were behind my struggles. 

~ Miriam N.

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