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Chinese Astrology Birth Chart Reading

If you’re into (western) astrology, you know your birth chart is a lot more than just your sun sign. In Chinese Astrology, your birth chart contains 8 characters called “BaZi.” The animal sign that goes with your birth year is just one of them.


BaZi is also known as the "Four Pillars of Destiny." Your chart includes a pillar for every decade of your life too. BaZi incorporates the Chinese zodiac animal signs and the Five Element Theory used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

Why Get A Reading?

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Astrology offers a unique perspective on the flow of energy that surrounds us. This awareness can be helpful you’re tired of running into avoidable obstacles and would prefer more ease in your life. A BaZi reading is a self discovery tool that can help you:


  • Find more ease & understanding regarding your past, present, and future relationships with family, friends, colleagues, and romantic partner(s)

  • Gain more clarity about your career path and money flow

  • Figure out what people and/or endeavors you need to move on from

  • Locate upcoming time periods that may be more or less ideal for certain plans due to energetic opportunities & obstacles

  • Feel deeply seen & validated regarding your personality and past

  • Feel hopeful & empowered to create a fulfilling future


What Is A Reading Like?

Before someone read my BaZi in 2014, I didn’t understand the value of any kind of astrology. During the reading, my mind was blown by the amount of my life story, challenges, and personality traits that appeared in my chart. Over time, it has been a useful tool to help identify things I’ve greatly benefited from accepting instead of trying to change.


In August 2019, I had another mind-blowing encounter with Traditional Chinese Medicine. My chronic back pain from an injury the year before was wiped out after one acupuncture session. Three months before that, my daughter and I watched a robin build a nest right outside our window. This inspired me to revisit Feng Shui, which I first studied around the beginning of my professional organizing career. The momentum from that plus the arrival of my daughter’s second birthday that summer propelled me into learning more about Chinese astrology & philosophy, which I’m still learning about today.


A BaZi reading includes:

  • A 90-minute Zoom call explaining what your chart says & means

  • A recording of the Zoom call for you to download & reference in the future

  • A copy of your BaZi chart, including life pillars and my notes

  • Answers to any specific questions you have about your chart, and what it says about family, relationships, money, attraction, creativity, career, and more


The total is $300 USD, payable when you book the reading. At that time, you will also be asked to enter your birthday including the time you were born.


If you’d like to buy a gift card for a reading, send me an email.

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Are you ready for your reading?

BaZi Testimonials

“I got so much out of my BaZi reading with Miranda. Her ability to present the extensive, detailed reading in a way that makes sense to me and my life was incredible. Miranda clearly explained each step of the reading and made me feel very comfortable and welcome to ask any questions.


The reading was amazingly accurate and left me with feelings of affirmation, validation, and encouragement for my future. If you are thinking about trying a BaZi reading with Miranda, hesitate no longer!”

~ Annelise W., Reiki Master

More About BaZi Analysis

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BaZi is derived from an ancient East Asian calendar system called the Sexagenary Cycle. Chinese astrology utilizes the same five element theory regarding metal, earth, wood, fire & water as Feng Shui, acupuncture, and other traditional Chinese medicine & philosophy.


The Four Pillars of Destiny in a BaZi chart are the hour, day, month, and year pillars that speak to aspects of yourself. There is also a pillar for every decade of your life. A pillar has two parts: a “heavenly stem” above an “earthly branch.” Heavenly stems contain one of the five elements with a yin or yang polarity. Earthly branches contain one of the 12 animal signs of the Chinese zodiac, which all have an innate element with a specific polarity. This is why you may have heard the year you were born referred to as something like, “Fire Rabbit” or “Metal Ox.” The element is a reference to that year’s heavenly stem.


If you’ve plugged your birthday into an online BaZi calculator and been totally lost, I got you. I see two aspects of a birth chart: what it says (for example, Direct Resource in the Palace of the Spouse), and what that means for you. A chart says what elements and animals are in your pillars, the relationships the elements and animals have to one another, and more.


In my signature strengths-based readings, I will explain what your chart says, as well as present multiple meanings to support you in choosing what resonates with your inner knowing. I believe astrology of all kinds should be a fun and useful experience. Though BaZi charts contain information about energetic cycles well into old age, I cannot predict any specifics of the future in my readings for two reasons: I am not a psychic, and I believe the combination of the choices you make along with your environment and the opportunities that come your way determine your future more than destiny alone.

I'd love to help you gain a new perspective on yourself & your life!

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